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Luxe | Sublime Superb Mattress & Sovereign Divan

55,900,000 728,000,000 

Introducing the epitome of luxurious sleep: Sublime Superb Mattress & Sovereign Divan.

With its advanced technology and artisanal craftsmanship, this set redefines comfort. Boasting a dual-layer hand-nested calico pocket spring construction with a choice of spring tensions, it houses 2520 springs in a 150 x 200cm size. The upholstery is a symphony of natural fillings, including British fleece wool, hand-teased horsetail, authentic Shetland wool, silk, and mohair, all embraced by the finest quality ticking. Meticulously hand-tied woolen tufts and twine add an exquisite touch. The borders are upholstered with coir and wool, featuring four rows of hand side-stitching, horizontal handles, and air vents.

Partnered perfectly with the Sovereign Divan, its solid timber frame holds pocket springs and is layered with coir, British wool, and cotton. With a remarkable 30-year guarantee, this set exemplifies luxury and sustainability.

Experience the synergy of technology and nature for unparalleled slumber.

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  • Details

    2 layers

    2 Layers of Springs


    30-Year Warranty


    Shetland Wool





    • Two layer hand-nested calico pocket spring construction
    • Spring tension: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm
    • 2520 springs in 150 x 200cm size (5ft x 6ft 6in)


    • Made exclusively from natural fillings: British fleece wool, hand-teased horsetail blended with real Shetland wool, silk and mohair, blended real Shetland wool and cotton
    • Finest quality ticking
    • Hand-tied woollen tufts and twine


    • Upholstered with coir and wool
    • 4 rows of hand side-stitching
    • Horizontal handles
    • Air vents
    • Overall mattress depth: 23cm + 6cm doming (+/-2cm)


    Built with a solid timber frame and a layer of pocket springs. On the outside, it’s finished with coir, British wool and cotton.

    • Hand-nested pocket spring construction
    • 1344 springs (high divan model) in 150 x 200cm size (5ft x 6ft 6in)
    • Solid timber frame
    • Choice of high, low, shallow or drawer divan
    • Coir, blended British fleece wool and cotton
    • Finest quality ticking or upholstery fabric
    • This product is made of FSCTM-certified and other controlled materials

    • For products that are not available, please refer to the information below to determine the estimated delivery timeframe:


    Production Time

    6 weeks

    Shipping Time

    2 weeks- 8 weeks

    Order Processing Time

    2 weeks

  • Care Instructions


    • Upon delivery, please remove the cover of the mattress to allow it to decompress. Initially, the mattress might not fit perfectly onto your divan or bed. No worries, as this is due to the mattress not being fully inflated. Allow the mattress to rest for an additional 15 minutes. If you notice any unevenness or uneven sagging, flip the mattress. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or lint from the mattress. Instead, you can use a soft-bristle brush, which is gentler on your mattress. In case of liquid spillage, promptly blot with a dry cotton cloth.


    • When moving the mattress, ensure to cover it for protection. Keep the mattress flat, avoiding rolling or folding.


    • All Vispring pocket spring mattresses feature distinctive tufts on the mattress surface. These are anchor points that prevent the cover fabric and interior filling from shifting, ensuring the mattress isn’t overly taut. These circular tuft points can be easily replaced if dislodged.

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