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Original | Devonshire Mattress & Wool De Luxe Divan

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The bed set is part of Vispring’s Original collection, consisting of the Devonshire pocket spring mattress, Wool De Luxe divan bed, and Clabon headboard.

The Devonshire pocket spring mattress, featuring a blend of natural fibers and hand-teased British wool, offers a uniquely responsive and comfortable surface. The product is free from chemicals and allergens. The mattress cover is treated with biodegradable M-Pure fire retardant and anti-penetration technology. It contains thousands of Vispring’s exclusive Vanadium steel pocket springs and utilizes a blend of 100% natural fillings.

The Wool De Luxe divan bed complements the mattress with additional pocket springs, making it an excellent choice for the Devonshire mattress.

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1. Sizes:


  • Details

    1 Layer of Springs


    30-Year Warranty


    British Wool Fleece


    While Vispring pocket spring mattresses can be used independently, experts recommend combining the mattress with a Vispring divan bed. Not only does this enhance aesthetics, but the Vispring divan bed also optimally supports and extends the mattress’s lifespan through the addition of multiple pocket springs within the sturdy wooden frame.


    Mattress Springs:

    • Vanadium steel springs encased in calico fabric pockets. Engineered in a honeycomb pattern. Spring diameter: 56mm Comprising 1326 pocket springs in king size 150x200cm
    • Mattress Cover + Fillings:
    • Finest, non-irritating natural fibers exclusively sourced by Vispring from select farms. 1350gsm cotton and British wool fleece 1800gsm wool and fleece blend

    Mattress Border:

    • Protected by fabric borders Hand-stitched using fine thread Horizontal handles adorned with the British flag, robust and easy to grip for movement and transport Incorporates air vents for temperature regulation Mattress depth: 21cm
    • All Vispring mattresses are backed by a 30-year warranty.


    Wooden frame upholstered in customizable fabric Includes pocket springs for enhanced support


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    Production Time

    6 weeks

    Shipping Time

    2 weeks- 8 weeks

    Order Processing Time

    2 weeks

  • Care Instructions


    Upon delivery, remove the mattress cover to allow the mattress to decompress. Initially, the mattress might not perfectly fit your divan or bed. Don’t worry, as this is due to the mattress not being fully expanded. Let the mattress rest for an additional 15 minutes. If you notice unevenness or slight indentations, flip the mattress.

    Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust or lint on the mattress. Instead, use a soft-bristle brush for safer cleaning.

    For liquid spills, quickly blot with a dry cloth.


    When moving the mattress, ensure it’s properly protected. Remember to keep the mattress flat, avoiding rolling or folding.


    All Vispring pocket spring mattresses are characterized by their tufted buttons on the surface. These buttons act as anchor points, ensuring the mattress cover and fillings remain evenly distributed, while also preventing over-tightening. These tufted buttons can be easily replaced if they come off.

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