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Vispring - A Gift of Dedication

For over a century, the Vispring brand has been delivering premium mattress products that enhance users’ sleep quality. Renowned not only for its pocket spring technology but also for the layers of materials, including horsehair and fabric, Vispring uses to create comfort in its mattresses. These materials are appreciated for their safety, durability, and above all, luxury.

Before introducing its products to the public and the world, Vispring, like many other prominent and reputable brands, had its humble beginnings.

The Vispring Story

In 1899, the pocket spring mattress was crafted with love.

Though the company was founded in 1901, Vispring’s seminal moment arrived two years prior with the invention of the pocket sprung mattress. The technology was dreamed up and realized by the British engineer James Marshall in a last ditch bid to help his bed-bound wife feel more comfortable. Whereas traditional mattresses are made with a network of interlinked and codependent springs inside, Marshall’s vision was for each spring to act according to the weight distribution and body contours of the user. In essence, a more responsive and comfortable place to lie down.

Marshall took to the task alone, making his wife a new bed by hand with each of the hundreds of coils wrapped in its own musling pocket. His invention was such a hit with its first user that Marshall decided to take things further, soon founding the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company.

The Vispring Story

1901 marked the first developmental step in London.

Impressed by Marshall’s innovative invention, two British entrepreneurs, John Nolon and Frederick James, as representatives of the Marshall Mattress Sanitary Company, made efforts to promote the product to the British public. However, they encountered difficulties in convincing local manufacturers about the specialized nature of pocket spring mattresses compared to traditional ones, hence the product couldn’t be mass-produced at that time.

The Vispring Story

In 1911, Vispring on the first-class cabin.

The year 1911 marked the company’s first significant milestone in development. With its elegant design and exceptional quality, Vispring mattress products were chosen to furnish the first-class cabins on the world’s largest ocean liners such as the Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic.

Over time, Vispring consistently improved its mattress design through more luxurious methods, using precious and durable materials such as horsehair, 100% cotton, or Shetland wool to create comfortable cushioning layers, which were then finished with silk and cashmere fibers.

The Vispring Story

In 1932, the first divan utilizing pocket springs was introduced.

The year 1932 continued to mark another significant milestone: Vispring successfully produced the world’s first divan bed utilizing pocket springs. The Vispring divan bed provided a suitable support base for its accompanying mattress, handcrafted with individually encased pocket springs made from vanadium steel and secured within a wooden frame. The surface of the product was then finished with natural materials such as horsehair, cotton, and wool fibers.

The Vispring Story

In 1971, the headquarters was relocated to Plymouth.

Based on the principle of providing users with the best possible sleep at night, Vispring continuously developed and grew throughout its early decades of operation. In 1971, the company relocated its headquarters from London to the port city of Plymouth, where a large number of skilled local artisans were concentrated, contributing to its exceptional craftsmanship.

The Vispring Story

In 2012, the Queen's Award was received.

Vispring has received numerous prestigious awards, with a notable example being the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which is bestowed upon outstanding businesses.

The Vispring Story

In 2019, the Best of The Year Award was received.

Despite its significant growth, the company remains committed to its mission of providing the community with the best and most comfortable sleep. This dedication was recognized when Vispring was awarded the “Bed Of The Year” at the Bed Industry Awards ceremony in 2019.


The distribution channels of Vispring products are currently present in more than 50 countries worldwide, ranging from London, Paris, Sydney to Hanoi. Regardless of exporting to any region, Vispring mattress products are consistently handcrafted by skilled artisans in the port city of Plymouth, located in the southern part of the United Kingdom.