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  • Tiếng Việt
Divan giường Wool De Luxe

Original | Wool DeLuxe Divan

27,500,000 78,400,000 

Introducing the luxurious Wool Deluxe Divan Bed, featuring exclusive Vanadi steel pocket springs, expertly combined with a 100% natural blend of coconut fiber and cotton, and certified British sheep’s wool for added opulence. (The British sheep’s wool content is higher in the Wool Deluxe Divan compared to the Deluxe Divan) The Wool Deluxe Divan Bed is the ideal choice for the Devonshire pocket spring mattress, delivering the ultimate in comfort and sophistication for discerning customers.

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  • Detail


    • Hand-nested calico pocket spring construction
    • 600 springs in a King size (150 x 200cm)
    • Solid timber frame