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  • Tiếng Việt
Chăn lông vũ Vispring (Lông tơ vịt Pyrenean)

Vispring Down Duvet (tog 13.5)

50,400,000 91,800,000 

Introducing Vispring duvets, available in three sizes: 260x240cm, 240x220cm, and 160x210cm.

The TOG (thermal overall grade) rating scale measures the insulation properties of a duvet, indicating its warmth level. A higher Duvet Tog rating implies better insulation (keeping you warmer). Therefore, you may want to consider a 4.5 TOG duvet for spring and summer, a 7.5 to 10.5 TOG duvet for autumn and winter, and a duvet with a rating exceeding 13.5 TOG for extremely cold days.

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