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Vispring Testimonials

Explore Vispring Testimonials – Hear customer stories from around the world. Discover firsthand experiences and insights that showcase the exceptional quality of Vispring beds.

Leanne Cloudsdale: Everything But The Bed

Why do we spend on cars, kitchens and sofas, but not on sleep? My Vispring epiphany happened in the summer of 2007. Aged 33, I made the decision to spend a hard-earned work bonus on a mattress that cost four times my monthly salary. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I could’ve splashed out on a fancy holiday or a designer watch, but instead, I ploughed that money into a life-changing piece of furniture.

Thinking Ethically with Sheridan and Louise

“I was really impressed that Vispring was using all-natural materials. To me, this seemed so progressive, because it was years before there was widespread awareness about the avoidance of using foam and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in mattresses or upholstery. Seeing that footage had a huge impact on me and influenced my decision to move over to using natural materials in my own furniture line. The ethical credentials of choosing our mattress were important — as a society, we really do need to reduce our use of petrochemical-based products.”

Josie & Charlie: From Clapham to the Cotswolds

Personal recommendations matter, especially when they come from someone you really trust. Josie and Charlie had plenty of decisions to make when they started to renovate the Grade II listed, 14th century rectory that would become their home but choosing which mattress to buy was one of the easy ones. This was thanks to Charlie’s […]

At home with Eudon Choi

As a society, we no longer prioritise sleep as much as we should. People are much less willing to invest in a bed than say, a brand-new sofa or a purpose-built kitchen. Perhaps this is because our bedrooms are private places — we don’t show them off in the same way as we would other parts of our homes.