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Đệm Diamond Majesty x Divan giường President

Luxe | Diamond Majesty Mattress & President Divan

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The Diamond Majesty Mattress & President Divan Bed Set by Vispring is one of the most exquisite luxury collections the brand offers. This collection not only ensures maximum comfort but also demonstrates care for the environment and the users’ well-being.

The pocket spring mattress, Diamond Majesty, provides a sensation of weightlessness, thanks to advanced natural materials such as Cashmere, Tussah silk, horsehair, and Alpaca wool. Particularly noteworthy, this product refrains from using chemicals and adhesives, preventing allergies and ensuring user safety. With high-quality fabric, treated with biodegradable M-Pure fire retardant and anti-penetration technology, the Diamond Majesty mattress delivers a comfortable and secure experience.

The President Divan Bed is the perfect complement to the Diamond Majesty mattress, featuring multiple layers of pocket springs to enhance comfort and sleep support. The luxurious and refined design of the President Divan Bed will elevate the ambiance of your bedroom.

Experience perfection and luxury with the Diamond Majesty Mattress & President Divan Bed Set by Vispring. Explore Vispring’s other collections to discover options that suit your needs and style.

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  • Details

    3 Layers of Springs


    30-Year Warranty

    Organic Bamboo Fiber

    Vicuña Wool


    • While Vispring pocket spring mattresses can be used individually, experts recommend combining the mattress with the Vispring divan bed. This not only enhances aesthetics but also provides optimal support and prolongs the mattress’s lifespan by incorporating additional pocket springs within the sturdy wooden frame.

    Mattress Technology:

    • Utilizing Vispring’s most luxurious materials
    • 3 layers of pocket springs
    • 3162 premium pocket springs in the size of 150 x 200cm

    Mattress Cover:

    • Finest woven fabric
    • Hand-tufted and hand-needled

    Mattress Border:

    • Finished with British Merino wool
    • 6 hand-stitched rows on both sides
    • Horizontal handles for easy transportation
    • Air vents on both sides
    • Mattress Depth: 28cm + 6cm (+/-2cm)

    All Vispring mattresses are backed by a 30-year warranty.


    • Construction of 2 layers of hand-nested pocket springs
    • 2832 pocket springs in King size 150×200
    • Highest quality Ash wood frame
    • Utilizes long horsehair and blended sheep’s wool certified with the Platinum Mark

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    Production Time

    6 weeks

    Delivery Time

    2 weeks (air) - 8 weeks(sea)

    Order Processing Time

    2 weeks

  • Care Instructions


    • Upon the mattress’s arrival, please remove all outer layers of wrapping to allow the mattress to decompress. Initially, you might find the mattress slightly shorter than your divan or bed frame. Rest assured that after decompression, the mattress will regain its proper size as it takes in air. If you notice uneven settling, it indicates that the underside of the mattress hasn’t fully interacted with the air. In this case, flip the mattress and allow it to rest for a while.


    • Limit or preferably avoid using a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft-bristle brush to remove dust and lint. In the event of liquid spills, promptly blot the liquid with an absorbent cloth.


    • If you need to relocate the mattress to a different room, ensure you wrap it securely to keep the mattress flat, without folding or bending it. Provide the mattress with optimal support during transportation to avoid damaging it.


    • Vispring mattresses are characterized by their hand-tufted buttons. These buttons not only maintain the integrity of the mattress cover and the materials inside but also prevent the mattress from becoming excessively taut. If any of these buttons come loose, they can be easily replaced.